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Traveling for work doesn’t have to mean all work and no fun. When you are getting your employees to MICE events in a faraway place, you have to let them experience everything a city has to offer.  You need to be sure that their stay has some interesting activities as well. Make the most out of your business destinations, including easy walking tours, client-worthy restaurants and quick escapes for when meetings are off.

Not only does this help develop a positive staff culture, it makes for the best way to motivate your employees and creating joy among them with out-of-office events and activities.

  • Arrange for a movie watching session

  • Take them shopping

  • Do a fun dinner; order pizzas, chocolates or doughnuts

  • Take them sight-seeing or for an outdoor party

  • Conduct a games night at the stay venue

As a professional MICE organizer, BizTrip offers a wide range of first-class activities, including supreme all-round arrangements for all kinds of activities and events. Travelling places for official conventions is a lot more than just meetings with us!